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Saffron for Pregnant 

Saffron for pregnant brings Saffron during pregnancy Purpose online

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Prices for delivery in India

Pack of 0.25 Grams 499.00 INR
Pack of 0.5 Grams 650.00 INR
Pack of 1 Grams 850.00 INR
Pack of 2 Grams 1,250.00 INR
Pack of 5 Grams 1,875.00 INR
Pack of 10 Grams 3,750.00 INR
Pack of 20 Grams 6,250.00 INR
Pack of 50 Grams 15,000 INR
Pack of 75 Grams 22,500 INR
Pack of 100 Grams 25,000 INR


Prices for delivery in Worldwide

Pack of 1 Grams for – $40.00 USD

Pack of 2 Grams for – $48.00 USD

Pack of 5 Grams for – $60.00 USD

Pack of 10 Grams for – $100.00 USD

Pack of 20 Grams for – $160.00 USD

Pack of 50 Grams for – $300.00 USD

Pack of 75 Grams for – $450.00 USD

Pack of 100 Grams for – $480.00 USD

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Saffron for Pregnant

Why saffron during Pregnancy ?

Saffron for pregnant is initiative by IKS to help pregnant women across globe understand the merits / demerits of kesar during pregnancy .

Saffron in some parts of the world is also known by the name of Zafran and better known by the name of Kesar in India. Other than culinary benefits of the wonder spice , it is many medical benefits that have been suggested by medical science as well. One of its several benefits includes the intake of kesar by women during pregnancy. This practise is very popular in Asian countries like India where women prefer to consume kesar milk.

IKS has been the leading marketer of saffron and by products in all regions of India especially the capital city of New Delhi. People in India have a belief that consuming Kesar milk by the women will lead to babies with fair complexion. It is because of the same property of saffron, there have been many cosmetic products claiming to have saffron in them so that people can have fairer complexion.

It has been more than a decade since Indian Kashmir Saffron has been providing its clients with best quality saffron of different varieties. Other than cosmetic purposes, It is also used in adding a unique aroma to food ranging from lassi, kheer and Biryani. Elderly people in India advice women to drink a glass of saffron milk every day during pregnancy so that they can give birth to a baby with fair complexion. However, certain medical experts claim that there is no proof for such benefit of Kesar as the complexion of the baby depends a lot on genes or genetics.

Other than the above mentioned propertied, saffron in milk also keeps the body temperature in control and keeps a check on the body pain level of pregnant ladies. There are many more benefits associated with the wonder spice and the same can be felt if one takes a deep look into the ancient history of medical studies. The quality of service offered by IKS can be seen through the long list of satisfied clients that have been associated with us for a long period of time. IKS ensures that clients get what they pay for thereby saving them from malpractices like saffron adulteration that is widespread in different parts of the world.

IKS – India Kashmir saffron ( www.indiakashmirsaffron.com)

WhatsApp us on - 09811535600 and get Immediate Query Solved.

Shweta Batra Kochhar

In Case you have some Query regarding how to use Saffron , When to use Saffron , why to use saffron and any other query , feel free to drop me e mail .

Saffron for pregnant consultant

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