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Saffron during Pregnancy Ayurveda

Posted on 13 February 2017

Saffron during Pregnancy Ayurveda
Saffron Flower for Pregnant women

Cooling Blood Purifier:-
Saffron is a nourishing purifier that invigorates and moves the blood while cooling it. Saffron breaks up blood clots and clears liver stagnation. While most blood movers are heating, saffron is unique among blood movers for its cooling properties. This makes saffron a useful herb for Pitta disorders with blood stagnation, including inflammation, arthritis, acne, and hepatitis.

Skin Tonic:- 
Saffron's ability to dilate the blood vessels encourages sweating and opening the pores (diaphoretic), effectively cleansing the skin and restoring a healthy glow. Saffron is also a cardiotonic that destroys phlegm. A paste is used topically in bruises and sores. Its blood moving qualities enhance digestion.

Cools the mind:- 
Saffron is a refrigerant for the mind. It's Pitta pacifying qualities have been used to restore eyesight and to lower fevers.

Reproductive Tonic:- 
Saffron with milk and ghee is a nourishing reproductive tonic for both men and women. Saffron's blood moving qualities are particularly desirable among herbs that stimulate the release of oxytocin, the "tend and befriend" hormone, supporting saffron's use to encourage mother's milk flow (galactogogue), and to contract and restore the uterus after giving birth. Like most oxytocic herbs, saffron is an abortifascient and should not be used during pregnancy. Its blood moving qualities can stimulate the menses (emmenogogue).

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