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Best Selling Saffron Packs during Pregnancy

Pregnancy Diet Food:-

Saffron is generally good for skin, hair and health. It is believed that to have a fair child intake of saffron milk is a must and in addition, the skin of the baby will not only have a glow, but it will also be moistened.

IKS Saffron 1 Gram Pack

Rs. 850.00

IKS Saffron 2 Gram Pack

Rs. 1,250.00

IKS Saffron 5 Gram Pack

Rs. 1,875.00

IKS Saffron 10 Gram Pack

Rs. 3,750.00

IKS Saffron 20 Gram Pack

Rs. 6,250.00

IKS Saffron 50 Gram Pack

Rs. 15,000.00

IKS Saffron 100 Gram Pack

Rs. 25,000.00

IKS Saffron 75 Gram Pack

Rs. 22,500.00

IKS Saffron 0.5 Gram Pack

Rs. 650.00

IKS Saffron 0.25 Gram Pack

Rs. 499.00

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