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How to make Saffron Milk during Pregnancy Video




Recipe - How to  Make Saffron Milk for Pregnant women ?


Ingredients :- 

5-6 Saffron Strands ( Preferably Pure Kashmir Saffron Strands )

1 Cup Milk

Sugar as per taste

2-3 Cardamom 

3-4 Crushed Almond 

1-2 Crushed Pistachio 

Recipe :- 

Step 1 – Pour Milk in Saucepan and bring it to boil.

Step 2 – Add Saffron Strands , Sugar , Cardamom , Crushed Almonds and let it boil on Simmer mode for another 3- 5 minutes until the color changes from white to golden yellow / orange shade .

Step 3 – Pour the milk in Glass add some crushed pistachios and Serve Warm during night time and or in Morning Time during Pregnancy .